As a diehard camping and hiking enthusiast, I resented every minute of the pandemic lockdowns. So, when the restrictions started rolling back, the first thing I did was gear myself up for a long-awaited camping trip. In addition to my standard camping essentials, I had packed something new for the first time – a pair of SANGSTRE II Haydn 5035 glasses.

Little did I know that the SANGSTRE audio glasses would forever ruin me for regular sunglasses!

This isn’t my first brush with audio glasses. I’ve tried products that use Bose and Huawei technologies before and promptly decided that they’re cool in theory but impractical in practice due to their bulky designs. But when I saw the unbelievably slim SANGSTRE glasses, I had to try them. And that turned out to be the best decision I’ve made recently.

Gone were the bulky frames that I thought were unavoidable because of built-in batteries. The SANGSTRE II Haydn 5035 looked sleek, sexy, and practical. Here is my review.

What I Love

  • They look and feel like regular sunglasses. They fooled my girlfriend too
  • A unified case for charging and storage – came very handy during my travels
  • They are trendy. I love their modern design
  • Comfy on the eyes, even at high noon. So, I’d say they offer excellent protection against sunshine
  • Multiple sizes and frame designs to choose
  • Slim and lightweight construction
  • Outstanding, immersive sound quality
  • Fully Customizable – detachable frame and customizable lens

What I Hate

  • Notenough waterproof, which is a disappointment for an outdoor product
  • Taking calls is a great feature, but if you turn up the volume to max, people nearby can hear the audio. So, don’t be that person.


It’s a Camping Essential

The glasses do a stellar job of protecting your eyes from sunshine. And while they do it, they also allow you to enjoy your favorite music as you take a walk or settle into your camping tent for the night. What’s not to love?


I Use Them Everywhere Now

I love my SANGSTRE glasses so much that I now wear them to work, shopping.  However, I keep planning my next camping trip with my playlists and my new SANGSTRE glasses all the time I am wearing them.

It’s my new camping buddy!

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