Sangstre Smart Glasses
Brand positioning: Fashionable Glasses Which Can Listen To Music (Technology + Fashion)
Slogan: All Of You See, Just a Pair Of Glasses

Brand Story:

Our founder is a super fan for smart audio glasses. Since the advent of intelligent glasses, as long as there is a new product being launched, he will buy to test it, but disappointedly found that he can't find the most suitable one for himself among various choices. Some glasses have great sound quality, but the temples are very chunky. And they will compress the head when worn. Some glasses have good sound quality and slim temples, but because the battery is placed at the tail of it. Thus it looks very dull, and it also adds extra burden to ears.
Compare to these factors, the most unbearable thing about it is all smart audio glasses only have one size. The founders have a lot of friends from all over the world. And many of them complained that the glasses were not designed for their heads after trying them on. Neither of them are too tight to wear or too loose to slip off. The reason that causes this phenomenon is very simple. Glasses need to be designed for different sizes because different people from different regions with different genders have various head shapes. The development of it can't just be as simple as other electronic products in one size. It is impossible to meet the needs of everyone with just one size.
Why can't we design one kind of smart audio glasses that sounds great, looks like regular glasses and is comfortable to wear?
Smart audio glasses are cross-border products that combine glasses and electronic acoustics, which requires the cooperation of talents from different industries. So the founder talked this idea with the friends who were all senior eyeglass designers and electronic acoustics engineers in the industry. Then everyone hit it off and the SANGSTRE brand came into being.
(Over the years, we adhered to the brand concept of "All of you see, just a pair of glasses", and successively developed SANGSTRE I -Bach (no market-oriented sales) and SANGSTRE II-Haydn. And the products have been widely recognized by users. We are currently developing SANGSTRE series of products, hoping that through our continuous optimization and efforts, we will produce smart audio glasses that everyone likes to wear. )

Brand Introduction:

SANGSTRE is a smart audio glasses brand. Adhering to “All of you see, just a pair of glasses”, SANGSTRE is committed to providing users with stylish smart audio glasses that not only have good sound quality and are comfortable to wear, but also look more like ordinary glasses. Many smart audio glasses brands on the market used to produce speakers or headphones, which they graft to glasses. This is a very interesting idea. But glasses can't be placed on a table like a stereo or tucked into your ears like headphones. Glasses are meant to be worn; they need to be light, comfortable, and stylish. Smart audio glasses are a cross-border product that combines optics and acoustics. Only by understanding both can we develop better audio glasses.Therefore, the SANSTREE R&D team gathered professionals such as electroacoustic engineers and senior eyewear designers to continuously develop smart audio glasses for users with good sound quality, slim and flexible temples, and rich sizes similar to ordinary glasses.

Team Introduction:

Founder Mr. David is an enthusiast of smart products. He thinks that smart audio glasses will one day become as popular as mobile phones and become people’ close companion. So he experiences many other brands of audio glasses, but doesn’t find his favorite products. Mr.David invites friends who master  electroacoustics and glasses design to co-create the brand SANGSTRE. They take "All of you see, just a pair of glasses as their brand vision and expect to develop intelligent audio glasses with good sound quality, slender legs and flexible tails, and rich size like ordinary glasses for users.
If you are interested in the joint development and marketing of smart glasses, welcome to join us anytime.