SANGSTRE-Haydn 5035 Smart Audio Glasses


Haydn Ⅱ 5035 Audio Sunglasses IPX4 Waterproof Music Stereo Wireless Headphone
Haydn Ⅱ 5035 Audio Sunglasses IPX4 Waterproof Music Stereo Wireless Headphone
Haydn Ⅱ 5035 Audio Sunglasses IPX4 Waterproof Music Stereo Wireless Headphone
Haydn Ⅱ 5035 Audio Sunglasses IPX4 Waterproof Music Stereo Wireless Headphone

SANGSTRE-Haydn 5035 Smart Audio Glasses

Sale price$111.00 Regular price$159.00
Color - Bright Black
Size - Europe
Sale price$111.00 Regular price$159.00

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Open your ears, never miss a
surprise even when immersed in

HD audio decoding

Realtek RTL8753BFE adopts a dual-core
architecture with an independent DSP for sound
and noise reduction, enhancing music quality
and noisereduction effect in phonecalls.

Surrounding stereo

AAC HD audio decoding provides 24Bit Codec high-
quality music. With high-performance speakers, the
sound is loud and full, creating a theater level immersive

Innovative sound field superposition technology

The technology of sound field superpositin can reverse offset the peripheral sound field, reduce the leakage, and create a music word that only belongs to you.

Control & Performance


Double-tap the left temple to access your phone’s voice assistant. Double-tap the right temple to play and pause music or connect and hang up the phone.


Swipe on the left logo area to switch songs / Swipe on the right logo area to adjust sound volume.

Charging and Battery life

Two charging options available. Enjoy up to 5 hours of music on a single charge. The charging case easily stores your glasses on the go, while offering an extra 5-8 times full charge to the glasses, extending your music journey to 30hours.

Customizable Lenses

Details are the key to exploring the world. Nylon HD
polarized sunglasses can effectively block glare
and improve clarity and contrast, so that details can be
seen at aglance.


A Pair of glasses(Built-in Battery), glasses cloth, silicone nose pads, polarized paper, user guide, safety information, warranty card, screwdriver, charging cable, color Case, gift Bag.

The left and right audio temples each have a capacity of 75mAh and they take about 1 hour to charge.

SBC and AAC.

Full 100% Battery for about 5 hours of talk at 60% volume and 15 days of standby time.

Hadyn Frames are IPX4 water-resistant.


Turn them on by take out the glasses from the glasses case. Turn them off by put the glasses into the glasses case. The glasses will automatically turn off if the Bluetooth is not connected successfully within ten minutes.

Put it into the charging case or connect your charge cable. for the charging case, you need to fold the left leg first and then the right temple legs. The red indicator(in the charging case) is on the show that the temples are successfully charged. And the indicator will go out when the glasses are fully charged. If the indicator light fails to light up, try to adjust the posture of the glasses until the red light comes on.

Yes, it's possible to add prescription lenses to Haydn Frames. Sangster does currently provide this service so please visit Customize Lens if you wish to add prescription on frames.

By default, you can swipe forwards on either the audio right temple to turn up the volume or swipe backward to turn the volume down. and you can swipe forwards on either the audio left temple to switch the next songs or swipe backward to switch the previous songs.

By default, you can double-touch the right temple logo button to stop/wake the music or connect and hang up the phone.