Sangstre® Product attention points

  • SangStre smart audio glasses are designed for fitting universal lens mounting techniques. You may replace the lenses with your own optical lenses from any professional optician.
  • Pay attention to the electronic components in the frames and temples. Do not heat or bend the frames and temples. Do not put in any ultrasonic washing instruments to clean the smart glasses.
  • Do not pull out the temple from the hinge with force. If you want to change the other style frame (sold separately), release the screws on the hinges and pull the audio temples slightly to disassemble.
  • SangStre smart glasses are water and sweat-resistant, but they are not waterproof. they aren’t designed for use in water sports like swimming, or for showering.
  • The protection may degrade due to daily use. Damages led by any liquid soaking or any extreme weather condition are out of warranty service.
  • Directional audio cavity design can minimize sound leaks theoretically. The real effects are related to the surrounding noises and adjusted device volume.

*Please note that as Sangstre Smart Glasses is a product with an IP4 rating which is protected against water splashing from any angle. It is also protected against quantity of dust that could interfere with the normal operation of the product but is not fully dust tight.