When I'm feeling nervous or overwhelmed, nothing helps me more than putting on my noise-canceling headphones. They help me to shut out the world and concentrate solely on the activity that's taking place within my thoughts.

But I know this is not always the most prudent course of action, particularly when navigating a city with high traffic or walking through the woods on an unstable path. I'd rather not be completely oblivious to the dangers that surround me. Therefore, even though I would much rather lose myself in an interesting podcast or move about to the songs on my favorite playlist, I frequently remove my headphones in order to maintain awareness.

Lucky for me, I found the solution, open-ear Bluetooth audio glasses. So I get to listen to my podcasts or favorite playlist while being aware of my surroundings. The best part is they are so easy to use! Simply pair them with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you're good to go.

How exactly does the Bluetooth audio feature work, and what exactly are these sunglasses?

These sunglasses are equipped with Bluetooth and feature speakers and microphones built into the glasses' frames. Because of this, they are able to play sound in your personal space without having to insert anything into or cover your ears. The way this gadget is built lets you listen to an audiobook while still keeping an eye on your surroundings. Due to your phone being connected to these sunglasses through Bluetooth, not only will you be able to use them to make phone calls, but you will also have access to voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

How Do The glasses Feel?

When you put these sunglasses on for the first time, moving about seems a bit strange. Even though I could pick up on everything that was happening in the area surrounding me, no one else could hear what I was listening to. It's a stilted experience at first, but after a few minutes of using them, you begin to feel like the music is part of the scenery. If you choose the right design for you, they can be comfortable enough to wear all day long, even if you're doing something active.

Testing Out The Glasses

I decided to test out a few recommended models. But first I had to narrow down my choices. After   repeated comparison, I managed to find two selections from famous brands and one from a relatively new brand that I just discovered. And here are my thoughts.



SANGSTRE Smart Audio Glasses




The first pair I tried was a design from HUAWEI. The frames looked cool but the battery placement was heavy on my ears. Maybe it’s my small ears but I couldn’t wear them for very long without being in pain. In the end, they didn’t make me feel as fashionable as the other pairs did.




Bose Smart Audio Glasses



The next one I tried were BOSE frames. BOSE’s audio glasses have a high sound quality, as most BOSE products do, but the entire design felt a little too bulky for me. Admittedly, this brand has amazing audio quality for both music and phone calls so the glasses more than served their function. Unfortunately, I still felt the frames were too big. And because they’re not interchangeable (only the lenses are), it wasn’t convenient. 



SANGSTRE Smart Audio Glasses


Finally I tried a design from SANGSTRE. The sound quality comes close to BOSE but what I like was that they were super lightweight. After I wore these audio glasses for several hours, it didn't feel any different from wearing regular glasses. And what worked for me was the detachable frames that I can change from regular eyeglasses to sunglasses. No matter where I went, the glasses looked good with my style that day. Plus, the touch control was easy and the charging was efficient. Just put the glasses back into the glasses case, then they can be charged automatically. A power bank is definitely important for me when I’m going out.  SANGSTRE definitely ticked all my boxes.

The Drawbacks of Using Eyewear With Bluetooth Technology

There are a few disadvantages that come along with using Bluetooth eyewear. After putting a number of different pairs of glasses through their paces, I came to the realization that the glasses that produced the best mostly weren't aesthetically pleasing design-wise. In contrast, most options that were the most fashionable had speakers of a quality that was below average.

Some of the glasses had a ponderous and clunky aspect to them, and although I understood the controls to some extent, they were not always simple to operate.

Additionally, some of the glasses had a characteristic that made them difficult to clean. And even though the vast majority of companies that make these glasses assert that no one else can hear what you are listening to, I found that this is only the case if the volume is turned down to an extremely low level.

If the volume is turned up to a higher level, then others will be able to hear Some of what you're listening to. However, I found a pair that I absolutely love from SANGSTRE. They are fashionable, comfortable, and provide great audio quality. The best part is the Polarized lenses which means I don't need to buy expensive sunglasses anymore. But they can also be adjusted to your prescription lenses if you wear them.

Should You Invest in a Pair of Sunglasses With Bluetooth Audio?

Yes, definitely! If you want to get a pair of Bluetooth headphones, then go ahead and buy those. However, if you want something that is more discreet and keeps you safe and aware when out and about, then these are perfect for you. The best part is you don't need to buy separate glasses and separate earbuds, and who doesn't love saving money?


These creative audio sunglasses are easily camouflaged. Looking just like a simple pair of glasses, this is what initially drew my attention to the concept of wearing them. However, even if your headphones have a hear-through feature that lets you stay in tune with your surroundings, you still give off the impression that you are not paying attention, which could make you appear to be a target.

Personal safety experts advise against wearing headphones that cut you off from your environment. However, as a girl who regularly spends time alone on hiking trails, I don't want to take any chances, and Bluetooth sunglasses allow me to be amused in a more secure manner than I would be able to otherwise. Of course, they aren't for everyone, but if you're searching for something that's just a little bit sneaky, this might be the perfect option.



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