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Smart audio sunglasses

Buyer's Guide: The Best Smart Audio Glasses

What are smart audio glasses? Are they just a combination of a Bluetooth headset and glasses?   Absolutely not: they are more than this simple combination. The result of crossing normal glasses with...
smart sun glasses

Best Technology Gift in 2022: The Complete Gift Guide for Your Friend

Thinking about gifting something to your tech freak friend? We have an absolutely perfect solution for you. Glasses might seem an old option for gifts but what about audio smart...
new smart glasses

Why Do I Like Audio Glasses? - Sangstre Smart Audio Glasses.

When I'm feeling nervous or overwhelmed, nothing helps me more than putting on my noise-canceling headphones. They help me to shut out the world and concentrate solely on the activity...
smart sunglasses

SANGSTRE Glasses: Best Partner for Camping

As a diehard camping and hiking enthusiast, I resented every minute of the pandemic lockdowns. So, when the restrictions started rolling back, the first thing I did was gear myself...
Smart Audio Glasses

Customer Review: Take SANGSTRE Audio Glasses for Travelling

I just returned from a month-long summer vacation at my sister’s place in Spain, and it was fantastic for a couple of reasons. Good food, great company, chiseled Mediterranean men...
smart glasses

Sangstre Smart Audio Glasses: More Like Regular Glasses

SANGSTRE: More like regular glasses Smart audio glasses effectively combine glasses and headphones. Users no longer need to worry about forgetting their headphones when wearing glasses sometimes because this product meets both...