I have been using SANGSTRE glasses for a few weeks now and I must say that I am incredibly satisfied. I am an office worker and a mother of two beautiful kids. Between doing my job and raising my children, I have almost no free time. Juggling all of the things I have to do becomes too much sometimes and I tend to just lose myself in work and chores. I was frankly desperate for an assistant and that is what these audio glasses have become for me. I was already considering buying a pair of these for a while, but I knew I had found my choice when I came across the SANGSTRE brand. Their products have options that are perfect for me. Their website markets the spectacles as just ‘normal glasses’, which they both look and feel like (though they aren’t!!). This is great for me as I can just wear them all day as I do my work and take care of my kids and I don’t feel burdened at all. There is practically no difference between this pair and other glasses I wore for my eyesight before. So, I don’t feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed when wearing them. Once connected to my phone, the SANGSTRE glasses tell me what I need to do and most importantly, they remind me to take breaks. I love going on walks as they help me relax and give me some time to recharge. I don’t need to worry about forgetting to bring earphones anymore. The glasses play my music just as wonderfully. I can use them all day long just like any other glasses, with an extra addition of sound in my ears. Also, a problem I had with my wireless earphones was that I would fumble with them on my walks, trying to get them in or out of their case and they would often fall on the street. Talk about additional stress. But the glasses just removed the unnecessary fumbling and now I just go about my day, hands and ears free.

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