I just returned from a month-long summer vacation at my sister’s place in Spain, and it was fantastic for a couple of reasons.

Good food, great company, chiseled Mediterranean men – so much to love! But, there’s another reason why I loved this vacation. Let me explain.

I love sunbathing, but I also have an overactive mind. So, when I’m usually sunbathing back home by the pool, I keep my mind busy with a novel, or my iPod. However, since our weekend parties to Spanish beach visits included my son, nephew, and nieces, I couldn’t give up situational awareness entirely. The “little rascals” must be monitored at all times, lest they put themselves in danger!

Thankfully, my SANGSTRE II Haydn 5035 sunglasses were precisely what I needed.

I’d been using the SANGSTRE glasses for several months, but this trip really opened my mind to their complete utility.

The first day at the beach, sis and I were getting a nice tan, even as my SANGSTRE glasses were singing my favorite tracks into my ears, and we never stopped gossiping.

Since earphones or earbuds were not blocking my ears, I had complete situational awareness too, and made sure the kids did not wander off too far.

Even sis tried the glasses and absolutely loved the experience, especially its sound quality. She was raving about it and couldn’t stop commenting on how good they looked on me.

That could just be her love talking, but the pictures from the trip keep getting so much love on social media. So, I am inclined to believe she was right!

What the pictures didn’t capture was that the glasses offer excellent UV protection and were gentle on my eyes too.

All in all, we spent over 5 hours at the beach that day. What surprised me most is that it is really comfortable and cosy to wear them on my ears. Because the batteries are located on the front and feels just like a regular pair of glasses – lightweight and a snug fit. When we packed up for the day, there was still some charge left in the glasses. 

Since that wonderful visit, I hit the beach more than a dozen times during my vacation – sometimes, alone and sometimes, with friends. But, my SANGSTRE sunglasses were with me every time. With a single case for both storing and charging, they’re made for travel.

I knew that they were going to be my sunbathing company forever now.



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