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Smart audio glasses effectively combine glasses and headphones.

Users no longer need to worry about forgetting their headphones when wearing glasses sometimes because this product meets both needs.  With consumer demand growing, smart audio glasses are now widely recognized and many brands have launched their own audio glasses. These products all have their own advantages, but there are very few brands that can perfectly combine the functionality of glasses and acoustics.

     No.1: Smart audio glasses with the look of ordinary frames

Smart audio glasses are cross-border products that combine optics (glasses) and acoustics. In addition to providing optimum sound quality, it is important to give consumers a great wearing experience. SANGSTRE faced a difficult choice of how to perfectly combine the PCBA module, battery and speaker with the glasses.
There are currently two mainstream designs on the market. BOSE selected a round horn for their sounding module. The PCBA module and battery are placed on the left and right temples separately. While sound quality is good, this results in the glasses being too bulky.  The wire then has to pass through the front frame and this limits the selection of frames that BOSE can offer consumers.
Another design is represented by HUAWEI, in which the left and right temples of the glasses function as independent modules connected with the TWS scheme. In these glasses, the sound module is a long ultra-linear speaker. The acoustic quality is excellent and the temples of the glasses become slimmer. However, when the battery is placed on the tail, it becomes heavy for the wearer and increases the burden on the ear. It can look awkward too, unless it is covered by long hair over the temples.  
Most other brands model their products on either BOSE or HUAWEI’s methods. Looking at their products, it seems that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.
Although exploring a new road can certainly be full of hardships and uncertainty, SANGSTRE dared to choose a new direction. In order to make the audio glasses look more like a pair of ordinary frames, SANGSTRE does not adopt either BOSE or HUAWEI's solutions. SANGSTRE's left and right temples are also independent. We adopt TWS technology but the battery and other functional modules are placed on the front end of the temples. This allows the glasses to have reasonable weight distribution and slim temples which better fit the head. The sound module uses a rectangular horn, giving the front end of the temples the slim profile seen on HUAWEI’s design. In order to maintain efficient sound quality, the speaker remains the same size and the remaining space is more compact. Due to this, the PCBA module needs to be highly integrated and the battery density must be improved. This greatly increased the difficulty of development but as SANGSTRE's engineers, we continued to overcome these difficulties until we finally realized our ideas.

No.2: A variety ofsizes and frame types to meet differentiatedconsumer needs

Many brands of smart audio glasses on the market are made by technology companies and are more like electronic products. They use the mindset of developing electronic products to produce smart audio glasses. Often, each pair of glasses only comes in one size. This means that if the consumer likes audio glasses but the size is unsuitable for them, then they must compromise.
In addition to this, there are clear differences between the head shapes and features of Europeans and Asians. The former have deep eye sockets, higher cheekbones, flatter jawbones, high noses, well-defined faces and deeper hindbrain depth. The latter have flat brow bones, shallow eye sockets, slightly lower nose bridges, soft facial contours and a slight flattening to the back of the head. Therefore, glasses offered in only one size can't meet the needs of all users. In response to this, SANGSTRE has distinguished between sizes and each model of our glasses is divided into European and Asian styles. The front frame of the European model is narrower and the nose pad does not exceed 9.5mm. The front frame of the Asian model is relatively wide, with the nose pad being more than 11mm. These choices allow each user to select the size most suitable for them, instead of being limited to a single size provided by the merchants. 
Users of different genders and regions also have varying aesthetic tastes when choosing their front frames. SANGSTRE glasses adopt a TWS connection scheme, with the left and right temple modules functioning independently. Users can change the front frames to complement their personality and style.

No.3: Storage and charging in one case

Every pair of SANGSTRE smart audio glasses comes equipped with a unique case made of textured leather material. It is low-pitched but of high quality, made with delicate workmanship. The hard inner materials effectively protect the glasses from falls and external pressure. In addition to these basic functions, the SANGSTRE glasses case also functions as a charger. It is specially equipped with a 1300mAh battery which automatically commences charging the glasses when they are placed back in their case. The battery’s long life allows the consumer to conveniently recharge their SANGSTRE glasses many times.

No.4: Great audio quality with reduced sound leakage

SANGSTRE III glasses are paired with the same 128mm2 ultra-linear large amplitude speakers used by HUAWEI III (SANGSTRE II glasses sound unit with high-performance speakers). AAC HD audio decoding technology provides 24Bit Codec top-quality acoustics. With high-performance speakers, the sound produced by SANGSTRE smart audio glasses is loud and full. It creates an immersive consumer experience that is much like a surround stereo theater. The innovative sound field superposition technology can reverse offset the peripheral sound field, reduce the leakage and create a world of music that belongs only to you.
 1. 24Bit Codec high quality music
 2. Realtek ERWS twin engine technology, stable connection, strong anti-interference
 3. Supportsultra-low game latency 40ms
 4. Supportsmulti-link
 5. The latest RCV.5.0-DSP call algorithm, high sound quality for calling
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