Who knew good-looking sunglasses could be so high tech? When shopping around for my latest pair of shades, I decided to take a gamble I had no idea would pay off so well: I selected Bluetooth audio sunglasses from SANGSTRE.


Although there are tons of Bluetooth glasses on the market, most of them lacked a fashionable look I could confidently style with my outfits. With my top priority being fashion, I didn’t think I’d find a pair of glasses as stylish, or as useful, as SANGSTRE. After checking out the SANGSTRE website, I ultimately chose a classically stylish pair of smart audio frames: SANGSTRE Ⅱ Haydn 5035.


The minute I opened my SANGSTRE package, I knew I was dealing with a brand that understands design. The gleaming, shiny box was very aesthetically pleasing, and was so slim that I had no idea so much advanced technology could be built into the sleek package. I pulled off the sleeve to find a stylish leather glasses case, again concealing any evidence of the high-end tech tucked inside.


The smooth leather case housed the glasses themselves, and as soon as I got my hands on the frames, I was confident I made the right choice. I’m not kidding when I say when simply holding the Haydn glasses, I was skeptical that there could possibly be Bluetooth technology in them - these frames were so narrow and fashion-forward that I was surprised that Bluetooth speakers were structured throughout.


The sunglasses were notably light in my hand, so I knew I wouldn’t have any problems when it came to heavy frames (the last thing you want on a hot day is a thick pair of glasses weighing down on you). I slipped them on, and they fell perfectly on my nose and didn’t sit too tightly on my head - everything was just snug enough that I knew they weren’t going to slide off, but I definitely wasn’t going to find them to be too tight.


Now came the easiest part of all: connecting them to my phone. Even the most high-tech of speakers can be a pain to connect to Bluetooth, but I had absolutely no problems with SANGSTRE. As soon as I removed them from the case, the option to connect popped up on the Bluetooth section of my phone. I selected the SANGSTRE option, and boom: I had beautiful, high quality sound flowing through my frames.


Another surprising part of my SANGSTRE experience was charging. Because charging is built into the elegant leather case, they came fully charged, and as soon as I put them back in, they began to charge again. The only charging cable needed was a small cord that plugs into a hidden port on the outside of the case, meaning I could charge the case and glasses at the same time. Luckily, even though I’ve been using my SANGSTRE glasses the last few days, they last long enough that I haven’t even run out of battery yet.


I wanted stylish glasses, and I got that and more: my SANGSTRE frames are high-tech, fashionable and enable me to listen to music and podcasts wherever I go, completely hassle-free. I can’t wait to see where I take these gorgeous frames next!



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