I got my pair of Haydn glasses delivered on a Friday evening. It was perfect timing for my trip on the weekends.

As a person of Asian descent living in Amsterdam, I have a hard time finding glasses that sit comfortably on my low nose bridge. When I saw SANGSTRE II Haydn 5035 in my size, I had high hopes.

And, they did not disappoint! They fit perfectly and looked as sexy as they did in pictures.

After giving them a quick try, I had to take them off and let them charge to a 100%. (Tip: It’s always a best practice for all electronics).

The next day, I woke up excitedly, geared up for my trip, and put on the Haydn. My playlists were ready, and so was I.

As I walk on the streets, it instantly felt right. I was listening to my favorite music and was also aware of the ambient sounds. The sound quality was splendid, but if someone honked or shouted, I could hear them very well.

It was an entirely refreshing experience, and right then, I was convinced that the product was worth every cent of that $199.

As I was cruising through the countryside, I was distinctly aware of this “new” object on my face, but what amazed me was its weight distribution. For something that packed magnets, battery, and whatnot, the glasses were surprisingly lightweight.

By the time I was on my return trip home, it was already afternoon, and I was sweating like a pig. It was hot, but the sunglasses offered excellent protection, so the sun didn’t bother my vision.

Crazy stylish, immersive audio quality, and perfect fit – SANGSTRE II Haydn 5035 glasses are everything I wanted and paid for.

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