Thinking about gifting something to your tech freak friend? We have an absolutely perfect solution for you. Glasses might seem an old option for gifts but what about audio smart glasses? Especially those which have different frames and shapes to meet your differentiated needs. SANGSTRE glasses are one of them. They have been competing well with Bose and Huawei in the smart glass market. SANGSTRE is offering flexible tails, simple temples, good sound quality along with different shapes and frames compared to its competitors.

What is wearable technology?

Wearable technology is a kind of electronic device designed to be worn on the user's body. Such devices can take many different forms, including jewelry, accessories, medical devices, and clothing or elements of clothing. SANGSTRE is a wearable technology-focused brand where you can get your audio sunglasses as a fashion accessory.

Is SANGSTRE better than any other wearable sound or a hearing amplifier?

Wearable sound or hearing amplifiers are wearable devices that use a microphone to pick up nearby sounds. They then process this sound and deliver it to a person's ear at a louder volume. They just boost the sound. Whereas, SANGSTRE audio glasses use a directional stereo speaker design that transfers sound to your ears in a directive manner. The open directional stereo speakers deliver excellent sound effects whilst they let you alert the surroundings to avoid unnecessary risks. The audio decoding technology provides high-quality sound. With high-performance speakers, the sound of SANGSTRE glasses is loud and full, creating an immersive experience like a surround stereo theater.  The Bluetooth quality of these glasses is exceptional. The speaker makes your music sound so clear and crisp yet almost no one around you can hear it. Moreover, sound adjusting is way easier than you think. You can increase the volume by sliding forward on the right temple and decrease the volume by sliding backward on the right temple.

Do SANGSTRE glasses output audio?

Definitely, they do. Not only that, they take audio input too. SANGSTRE glasses can be connected to phones or computers via Bluetooth. The smart glasses keep track of the last 5 devices connected with them, dropping the least recently used when a new one is paired. When in Bluetooth mode, the smart glasses search for and connect to the most recently connected active Bluetooth-enabled device. No need for some additional earbuds or big headphones to answer your phone calls or listen to music. The Bluetooth audio quality is excellent. Not for a second, you will realize you are not using headphones or earbuds. 


Are SANGSTRE audio sunglasses worth the hype?

SANGSTRE glasses have storage and charging in one case.  The unique glasses case is not only for storage but also can charge the glasses many times with a good mAh battery. The battery life is long with convenient operation. The smart glasses battery lasts up to approximately 5 hours of streaming music playback and daily use. Charging the glasses is super easy as the storage and charging are in one case. The glasses have detachable frames and customized lenses. The temples are very slim with reasonable weight distribution. The flexible tails better wrap the head. You might think the glasses will be heavy but the smart glasses (excluding the lenses) weigh below 30 grams, which is in the same range as regular glasses. If SANGSTRE glasses can give you so many features to enjoy then how can you not hype about it?

Let's move on to how well they are made. SANGSTRE promises high and durable glasses. The frames and the lenses are comfortable enough and their quality is excellent. It is obvious they are giving customers the best since they are competing with brands like Bose and Huawei.

Are SANGSTRE audio sunglasses safe?

They are 100% safe. SANGSTRE has no record of accidents in its records. The glasses are safe and the batteries are surely safer. There is nothing to worry about the sound hertz as they are perfectly made for humans. So, you don't need to worry for a second about your safety. But please keep in mind that the frame temples of these smart eyewear contain electronic components which could be damaged if the glasses are heated or bent.


SANGSTRE audio sunglasses: necessity or just a fashion accessory?

SANGSTRE glasses are definitely fashionable wearable accessories. They are smart, fit, technology related, and go with every trend. The smart sunglasses are UV protected and very easy to clean. Now, let's come to the fact that if you want a prescription lens then how will SANGSTR help you with that? Well, the lenses are removable and you can take your SANGSTRE smart glasses to any optical eyewear shop to get your own prescription lenses or customize from their website. SANGSTRE glasses are both a fashion accessory and a necessity.

The return & exchange warranty policies of SANGSTRE

Suppose your friend already has the exact pair of glasses that you have gifted. Then what will you do? Don't worry, SANGSTRE understands that and they have a 30 days return policy. But what if your friend wants to change the frame or the lens? Then again, SANGSTRE has its solution for you. You can change your glasses by paying the shipping costs again and get exactly what you want to wear. For warranty, SANGSTRE offers a valid warranty from the date of retail purchase for 12 months. In the case of a covered warranty defect, SANGSTRE offers three options. Repair the product, replace the product or provide a partial or full refund of the original purchase price.  If you still have more doubts then feel free to check out the website.

How SANGSTRE audio sunglasses are the best gifts and how to select the right one?

Glasses are an everyday necessary accessory. Whether it's a prescription oneor a fashion one, we all somehow wear glasses every now and then. A gift should be something that makes the receiver happy and fully fills his need. SANGSTRE glasses exactly serve the purpose. The polarized lenses are UV protected and water resistant. Their battery life is excellent. They are functioned by artificial intelligence and the touch controls are fantastic. The hands-free wireless earbuds experience is something beyond the regular ones. Different frame styles and customizing your gift are something we all look for.

Selecting the right one is tough as SANGSTRE has varieties of lenses and frames. We would suggest you focus on the details of your needs, so you will definitely crack the right one.

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