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There are two things in life I value more than almost anything else: camping and music. Just this past weekend, I packed up to go camping at one of my favorite national parks (Joshua Tree in Southern California), but instead of grabbing my usual combination of bluetooth speakers, earbuds and their chargers, I decided to try something new: SANGSTRE speaker glasses. I’ve never tried bluetooth sunglasses before, but I wanted to travel light and try out a new sound.

Now, I am absolutely obsessed with these speaker sunglasses. Apart from how cute the frames were, I totally recommend them for any type of traveling for two reasons: they are extremely easy to travel around with, and the audio quality was not only stellar, but also private.

Experienced campers (or really any type of traveler) know how important it is to have a small, light bag. When hiking to the perfect camping spot, you simply can’t carry around too many things. Before my latest trip, it was always a pain to squeeze a bulky speaker into my already-full bag, and I always had to dig through my belongings just to find my smaller earbuds. My SANGSTRE glasses solved both of these problems. You literally only need the soft leather  glasses case to carry them around, and I didn’t even need to charge it during my trip (goodbye charging cables). It was big enough for me to find in my bag quickly.

The surround sound quality of these glasses was also perfect. The way the speakers are placed created a unique, theater-like sound experience, and it made hiking while jamming out better than ever. And, I didn’t want to disturb my fellow campers with loud music - luckily, unless I turned them all the way up, these glasses had basically no sound leakage.

For efficient traveling and high-quality, private sound, I couldn’t recommend SANGSTRE more.





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