1.Staying Connected Even During Exercise:

In the modern world, it's challenging for people to completely disconnect from the internet. Smartphones, in particular, are indispensable to many, and the fear of losing one's phone is a common concern. Therefore, even during exercise, there's often a worry about what might happen if someone needs to reach you urgently. SANGSTRE smart audio sunglasses can connect to your phone, ensuring that you receive notifications promptly. Furthermore, exercise is often a solitary journey, but with these smart audio sunglasses, you can have company. Listening to your favorite songs or podcasts while working out can dispel the feeling of loneliness and boost your motivation, making exercise a more enjoyable experience.


2.Protection Against Inappropriate Light:

UV rays can cause significant harm to the eyes, more so than you might think. Our eyes are highly susceptible to absorbing UV rays from sunlight, and without proper protection, this can lead to eye conditions such as cataracts. SANGSTRE smart audio sunglasses are designed to closely fit your face, and the lenses have a UV coating that filters out over 95% of UV rays, providing optimal protection. Moreover, intense light can cause discomfort and even dizziness, making it challenging to see. Even without strong sunlight, sudden transitions from bright to dim environments during activities like running or cycling can lead to similar sensations. SANGSTRE smart audio sunglasses have photochromic lenses that darken in bright light and lighten in low light, ensuring that your eyes remain comfortable and your vision clear throughout your exercise.


3.Physical Protection Against Wind and Insects:

During outdoor activities, you may encounter flying sand or insects, regardless of your speed. SANGSTRE smart audio sunglasses act as an effective barrier against these potential hazards. They not only shield your eyes from wind-blown particles but also block flying insects. With a layer of glass as protection, they are more durable than relying on just your eyelashes.


SANGSTRE Smart Audio Sunglasses Tailored for Athletes:


1.Lens Color Adaptation:

When participating in sports, the choice of lens color should be tailored to the conditions. During intense summer activities, the sunlight can be harsh, but in shaded areas, the light may be weaker. To ensure safety, the lens color should not darken excessively, making it difficult to see the road. SANGSTRE's photochromic lenses darken within a comfortable range, avoiding visual discomfort even when they adjust to bright light.


2.Skin-Friendly Material:

SANGSTRE smart audio sunglasses focus on comfort and safety. Both the nose pads and the tips of the arms are made of rubber. This rubber material not only provides a comfortable and flexible fit but also prevents slipping, even when you sweat or if it's raining. In the unfortunate event of an accident during running or cycling, rubber is a safer material compared to metal or other materials, as it reduces the risk of secondary injury.


3.Curved Frame Design:

The curved front frame, designed to fit the contours of the human face, maximizes protection from direct light while ensuring a secure fit on your face, allowing you to move freely during exercise.

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