The full name of MBTI is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a self-reflective questionnaire that reveals different psychological preferences in how people view the world and make decisions. It is currently one of the most popular personality tests worldwide, and I believe most of you have at least heard of it. If you haven't taken this test yet, you can also give it a try for free by clicking on this link: MBTI Personality Test.


Of course, different MBTI types also have different inclinations when it comes to sports preferences. While there are 16 different MBTI personalities based on the 2x2x2x2 arrangement, we can categorize them into four major groups.



Individuals of this type have absolute faith in their intellect and tend to be less concerned about the people and things around them. They lean more towards intuition and rationality in their approach to life, so their choices in sports often gravitate towards personal activities that require quiet and solitude or small-team sports (preferably with just a few people). Despite their introverted appearance, they surprisingly excel in the sports they love, finding inner fulfillment and spiritual satisfaction through physical activity.


You can try sports like tennis or shooting, whether in individual or team settings. If you seek something more strength-oriented, boxing and karate could be great options. These sports offer a comfortable rhythm and transform the expended energy into happiness.



Every personality containing "NF" has its own unique thoughts and tends to avoid criticizing others while focusing more on themselves. Their pursuit of knowledge and cognition is not absolute; they are more like curious cats exploring the world. In sports, they tend to favor activities that are less popular and may even appreciate a touch of elegance in the exercise. Sports like gymnastics and yoga, which emphasize graceful movements and self-awareness, appeal to them. Bowling is another example, as it doesn't involve excessive sweating and aligns with their preference for less-crowded activities.



People of this type are advocates of social order and enjoy being in the spotlight. They want to be seen as winners, whether in individual or team sports, and are more result-oriented. Therefore, they prefer sports like soccer and table tennis, which garner widespread attention. Short-distance running or relay races also suit them, as they can quickly see results. They may time themselves daily to measure their progress or take on crucial roles in team sports, like being the anchor in a relay race, to maximize their chances of winning.



To some extent, individuals of this type are hedonists who live in the moment. They seek enjoyment and are content as long as it brings them pleasure, especially if it involves adventure and freedom. They prefer fun and unrestricted sports, regardless of rules or the environment. Water and ice sports often resonate with them. Sailing and ice skating can become their new passions, providing the freedom and exhilaration they desire. Swimming is also an excellent choice if you prefer not to rely on equipment.


Note: If any of you haven't taken the test yet, feel free to give it a try. Based on the arrangement of four cognitive dimensions, it forms the 16 common MBTI personality types:


Energy Acquisition: E for Extraversion; I for Introversion

Information Gathering: S for Sensing; N for Intuition

Decision-Making: T for Thinking; F for Feeling

Approach to Work: J for Judging; P for Perceiving

MBTI Personality Test:

MBTI Personality Test

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