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A 2022 Shopping Guide : Which is Your Favorite Smart Audio Glasses?

Do you like the autonomy of your private space? The use of headphones has increased among the young generation, especially due to technological advancements. The greatest motivation for using headp...
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Unboxing My New Favorite Sunglasses: SANGSTRE Smart Audio Glasses

Who knew good-looking sunglasses could be so high tech? When shopping around for my latest pair of shades, I decided to take a gamble I had no idea would pay off so well: I selected Bluetooth audio...
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Customer Review: My Experience With SANGSTRE II Haydn 5035

I got my pair of Haydn glasses delivered on a Friday evening. It was perfect timing for my trip on the weekends. As a person of Asian descent living in Amsterdam, I have a hard time finding glasses...
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Best Technology Gift in 2022: The Complete Gift Guide for Your Friend

Thinking about gifting something to your tech freak friend? We have an absolutely perfect solution for you. Glasses might seem an old option for gifts but what about audio smart glasses? Especially...
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Customer Review: My Experience with SangStre Audio Glasses

Fellow travelers, I just found my new favorite travel hack. And guess what? It’s in the form of sunglasses. Bluetooth audio glasses to be specific. I ordered these because I needed new cute frames,...
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Customer Review: Walking With SANGSTRE Audio Glasses

I gained 60 pounds during the pandemic lockdown! I have always been an unapologetic foodie and a fitness freak. My two interests balance each other well and I have enjoyed a fairly fit body for yea...
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Why Do I Like Audio Glasses? - Sangstre Smart Audio Glasses.

When I'm feeling nervous or overwhelmed, nothing helps me more than putting on my noise-canceling headphones. They help me to shut out the world and concentrate solely on the activity that's taking...
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SANGSTRE Glasses: Best Partner for Camping

As a diehard camping and hiking enthusiast, I resented every minute of the pandemic lockdowns. So, when the restrictions started rolling back, the first thing I did was gear myself up for a long-aw...
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A Decent Review for the Best Audio Glasses : SANGSTRE II Haydn 5035

I have been using SANGSTRE glasses for a few weeks now and I must say that I am incredibly satisfied. I am an office worker and a mother of two beautiful kids. Between doing my job and raising my c...