I gained 60 pounds during the pandemic lockdown!

I have always been an unapologetic foodie and a fitness freak. My two interests balance each other well and I have enjoyed a fairly fit body for years. I didn’t have abs but I did not have any paunch either. But the lockdown changed everything.

With little to do, I tried new cuisines, new recipes, and new styles. My wife loved my experiments too.

The good news: I became an excellent cook, or at least that’s what wife says.

The bad news: I inflated like a carnival balloon and began having health problems – high sugar, high cholesterol, and even joint pains.

My fitness instructor has asked me not to hit the treadmill right away with so much weight and instead, asked me to lose the first 30 pounds by brisk walking.

During this time, my wife gifted me a pair of second-generation SANGSTRE sunglasses to make my walks more fun. Given her contribution in my weight gain, she wanted to equally contribute towards losing it. Also, she knows how much I love new tech and it worked!

I was eager to try the sunglasses, so I went on my first real walk in over a year the very same evening.

Sure, I was huffing and puffing after just 100-150 meters of brisk walking but my go-to motivational song was blaring in my ears and I wasn’t ready to quit just yet. The audio quality was fantastic but the volume wasn’t too high to disturb others.

The sun was setting and shining directly in my eyes, but it was no bother thanks to my SANGSTRE.

As I continued to shake, stumble, and cock my head back and forth in exhaustion, I was bracing for when my sunglasses would fall, but they did not. Despite being relatively heavier, they fit my large head surprisingly well and did not lose their grip. As someone of Dutch ancestry, I have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit my rather large head, but I had no problem finding my size with SANGSTRE. They accommodated by head size effortlessly.

The battery placement on the front ensured that the glasses sat on my ears comfortably and did not weigh on them or cause pain, despite my exercise.

I lasted only half an hour on my first walk, but it was the first step. Fast forward two weeks and I walk 2 hours a day – one hour in the morning and one in the evening.

Both times, I take my SANGSTRE glasses with me. They protect my eyes from the sun, entertain me, and motivate me, without costing me my ability to hear ambient sounds.

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