Fellow travelers, I just found my new favorite travel hack. And guess what? It’s in the form of sunglasses. Bluetooth audio glasses to be specific. I ordered these because I needed new cute frames, and figured I might as well see if connecting them to my phone would be useful. Turns out, as an avid traveler, this was the best pair of glasses I could have ordered. I just tried them out on a trip to SF.



There’s two reasons I’m such a fan:


One, I’m a small carry-on type of traveler. You won’t find me filling an XL suitcase with 3 different pairs of shoes. So I took the risk of replacing my earbuds and usual shades with my SANGSTRE frames because with these new glasses, I didn’t need both sunglasses and earbuds. The nice leather case has the charging point built right in, saving even more space, and the charging cable could even fit within the case as well. Everything fit together and I pulled it out of my backpack easily when I needed them.


Two, I was able to listen to music while walking around the city. As much as I love doing this, with normal headphones, it takes away from experiencing the true ambiance of a city. Plus, it’s a safety hazard - you always need to be aware of your surroundings, especially in a new place, and especially in a bustling big city like San Francisco. But with SANGSTRE, I was able to listen to music and hear everything going on around me. I felt safer than ever while being able to take everything in - all while listening to music.


If you’re a light traveler like me, or you love listening to music while exploring, SANGSTRE will be the sunglasses glasses for you.

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